Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #74 (BronyCon on the Horizon)

     I know I announced it a month ago, but I'm still so hyped that BGP is confirmed for BronyCon and FillyCon! That certainty should light a nice hot fire under my butt to get things done in two month's time. In addition to that, the big Demo 5 release should be done next month. With no college slowing me down I have entire days to work with now.

    So, so, SO much work is getting done this week it's incredible. It feels like everything I do for the game matters more than it ever has. I don't have to worry about dropping ideas or holding off on designing something to focus on upcoming schoolwork. I can just hammer out ideas and concentrate on coding features uninterrupted! For an example of what can get done in just one week of summer, look below the break.

Friday, May 20, 2016

New Battle Gem Ponies Demo!! -- [Pre-Alpha V4.5] --

     Kept you waiting, huh? Well I fixed some bugs, cleaned up some graphics, and added gamepad support so PC players can have a better time. Next update's the big one and needs to be done before BronyCon. Hope you check it out next month. For now, enjoy BGP Demo 4.5!

You can download the latest BGP Build on Itch.io!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #73 (Post-Graduation, It's ON)

     I graduated, and now it's time to make something of myself. Being honest, I have the same goal Bill Gates did in college. To become a millionaire before age 30. Lot's of people I read about seem to be achieving career goals around age 24, and I'm already 22 so I better get on it.

Get on down below the break to see more of this amazing week in the life of a college gamedev.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Tony Yotes - College Graduate

     As of this moment I am officially a college graduate! I got the paper, did the walk and everything! No more classes, no more graded assignments, no more classes, no more boring lectures, and best of all, all the time in the world to work on building up Yotes Games!

     I've reached the point where school can be addressed in past tense. I can finally proudly proclaim that I have graduated in 2016 with a degree in Gaming & Simulation at the Pennsylvania College of Technology! This is the transition point where I become a legit adult with incredible freedom and backbreaking responsibility. I'll be tackling these life challenges similar to how I've always done before. With determination, critical thinking, and a reliable moral compass.

Once Battle Gem Ponies is out, I can take that next big step toward the happy life I imagined since high school... Saving up for a place of my own.