Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #95 (Birthday Week)

     A new fire is lit under my butt as I realize the value of getting another demo out before Pokemon Sun & Moon launch. Let's Players will be eager for new Pokemon gameplay but have nothing to do in the couple weeks leading up to the 18th. Gotta put BGP in the hands of some bronies before then and maybe try to reach a few of the small-fry Pokemon channels to sort of get my foot in the door.

Check out this week's progress below.

Friday, October 21, 2016

BGP Development: Some Quick Spritework

     Just animating some moves at the moment. Then I'll be doing 3 new sets of pony animations. Getting sprites out of the way while I wait to see if Unity ever fixes these annoying editor bugs where the gameplay or scene windows randomly disappear only on Mac OSX. It makes debugging rather difficult and people have been complaining on the Unity forums for weeks, if not months now.

     So I'm grinding along making what progress I can.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #94 (One Week. Can I Even?)

     One week til my birthday where I wanted to release demo 6 as a present to myself. Turns out, I can't. The next demo will most certainly be delayed until early November. This past week has just been stacked with distractions and I spent 3 full days working with my dad at work fixing hurricane damage. The labor left me sore and exhausted so I took a day off, then I had a brony meetup at UCF I've been planning for weeks, then the Pokemon Sun & Moon demo came out, and then I had to make some charts for my Dad to work with, and at the end of it all, I realize I haven't touched the game at all in like, 7 days.

     It's been a lackluster week as far as progress goes, but Yotes Games marches on...

Friday, October 14, 2016


     Some quick news on how BGP is going. In short, it's not. This week has been full of setbacks and a string of bad luck going on outside of gamedev that's really been demotivating and distracting me. After some mental recoup, I'm ready to get back at it and get this game to Greenlight.

     One thing has to be scrapped though, and that's the hope of finishing Build 6 in time for Halloween. I'll be lucky to have it out the following weekend in November at this rate. I gotta step up my productivity soon though, because the one date I can't afford to miss is the January Greenlight launch. Preferably Monday, January 2nd. The perfect time to send my game out to press sites. Even more likely to get picked up now that quality Pokemon fan games are all the rage.

     In other scrapping news, Vinerva's Ultra form animations are not at all complete like I thought they were. I was mistaken and probably remembering my days working on this version of BGP where all the animations existed in my head. Drawing all the necessary sprites for that would delay the next demo even further, so they're being pushed off into Build 7.

     In order to keep things on time, I'll have to limit finished & functional Ultra forms to only Vinerva until after the Greenlight Demo. Then I can take as much time as needed animating the rest of them.