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Monday, January 15, 2024

Progress Report: Final Crunchdown [Part 2/5]

As of the 15th of January, it's officially the end of Map Month! 

It's officially the end of Map Month! That means ALL the maps are IN the game! 🌟

Foundations are set for all 600+ maps you'll be exploring once the game comes out. 🗺️

Final total map count being 209 areas split into 616 loadable rooms...

Check out a few exclusive preview examples and take a peek at what's going into each of them on the latest Patreon Devlog Update

Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Progress Report: Final Crunchdown [Part 1/5]

Have ALL Ponies Fully Animated. That was the goal for November.

Progress has been made in the animation & spritework department, but only half of what we wanted was finished. Lessons learned, and feedback noted.

We've got priorities written down and it basically boils down to fulfilling promises and implementing what people expect in an RPG like this...

Overall goal being get this game done in a timely manner, and cut off the fluff we just don't have time for.

Read more and check out tons of pony animations on our Patreon Post

Monday, October 30, 2023

Almost November Already, Huh?

If you remember seeing me at TrotCon or Everfree Northwest, you'll remember me excitedly stating BGP Lite would be released on App Stores by Halloween! Well... That's not happening. [More details on exactly why below.]

Friday, September 22, 2023

Unity Fees Won't Stop Us

We've been getting messages from Battle Gem Ponies backers with worries that the Unity Per-Install Fee could delay or even cancel the project. Here to say now, that won't happen. ❌

Not only are we expecting to not come close to the 1M downloads & dollars a year mark to trigger it, but this project's been through way worse hardships than an engine change over the years. We'll do what we've gotta do to make BGP a reality and not allow a greedy company to bankrupt us with poorly thought out monetization schemes. 💸

Especially in order for us to keep the promises made to every person who supported this Pony RPG dream with their own hard-earned money! 🦄