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Sunday, October 30, 2022

The BGP Development Journey So Far... (As of 2022)


A Retrospective on Battle Gem Ponies Development is up on our YouTube channel now. This marks 2 years since Psyaryu joined the project as lead dev and we've been chipping away at the task list every day since... 

It's been a VERY long stay in development hell, but we're well on our way out. Hopefully this project will be all-wrapped up by 2024 and we'll be starting fresh on what's next!

Monday, October 24, 2022

BGP is Coming to MAGFest 2023!!

We're In!! 🤩🌟

Battle Gem Ponies will be at MAGFEST in January! 🎧🎮👾

Looking forward to constructing our biggest, best booth yet and putting BGP in front of more eyes than ever before. Hopefully we'll see a few of YOU guys there as well with our brand new demo on display!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

BGP Demo Gameplay Footage 2022 (A Wild Furum Attacks!)

Here's a look at some Battle Gem Ponies Gameplay from the latest demo! It shows off a wild battle encounter against the ever-so-fluffy Furum and the new Paper Mario inspired level up upgrade selection.

Friday, September 16, 2022

The Big Rebrand: Yotes Games is Now YotesMark

Some people have been wondering what's up with the name change, so why not answer it here?

To keep it concise, it's about looking way into the future. Beyond making games alone. Could be shows, movies, toys, board games, conventions, anything involving delivering people a good time. As well as any number of other business ventures to keep this thing independent and afloat as we strive to create the best of the best in entertainment.

We could talk at length about this and the overall vision for hours on end someday, but perhaps for now it's best to be vague and just focus on getting the immense amount of work to be done out of the way so everyone can just see what we mean.

The past 10 years have basically just been practice for what's to come. And we look forward to having the YotesMark name really mean something to millions of people someday.