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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

The Battle Gem Ponies Combat Demo is Here!!


If you aren't incredibly hyped right now, you really should be. This is a monumental occasion after all! After YEARS of behind-the-scenes struggle, TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars drained from life savings, MONTHS of delays, and an incomprehensible amount of time sitting in front of computers yelling "WHHHYYYYY"... Yotes Games is proud to present...

The Battle Gem Ponies Combat Demo

​Our first public upload in 3 or 4 years after starting this entire project over after tragically losing every project file for the 2017 build. Since then this game has gone from a solo-indie project to a team-powered labor of love and it's looking all the better for it! 

We truly cannot wait to hear what you think of this battle system we're creating. 

Go ahead and give it a try! 

(It's playable on Android, Windows, Mac, and even Linux)

Bugs are being noted as we march toward our Kickstarter in August. We'll be diving headfirst into remaking overworld gameplay for the next couple months, so your feedback on this half of the game will fuel us til then. Feel free to share BGP around with anyone you know that could be into this sorta thing. It's the start of something very fun over here...

More updates to come!