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About Me

"Stay determined. Just roll with the punches."

Life Goal: Make games worth geeking out about.

Tony Yotes: 

     My name is Anthony Pendley (A.K.A. Tony Yotes), and I was born October 28, 1993. The perfect age to grow up playing awesome games across all generations. Pendley is my legal/family name, but Yotes was a middle school catchphrase I turned into an identity for who I wanted to be when I grew up. Now "Yotes" describes an indie game developer with tons of drive.

     In 2016 I graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Gaming & Simulation. I believe in experience over formal education and the unrivaled power of determination.

     On August 25, 2013 I decided to travel the risky indie dev career path. During my freshman year at college I taught myself the magical art of mobile game development and started making games to build the experience I needed in order to make my dream games a reality. I hope to be a successful self-employed independent developer and make a name for myself in the industry.

Yotes Games:

    Yotes Games exists to make games that are fun to develop, and fun to play. Time and time again, indie developers have proven their passion projects can stand up against the biggest blockbusters because there are people out there looking for something new, simple, or forgotten.

     The industry is crowded with publishers prioritizing business over art when there should be more of a balance. Games like this lose the creative human element that spawns great ideas and forms tight communities. Yotes Games is here to show the world that work can be fun instead of being a draining grind and become further proof that ambitious dreams are worth chasing.

The future isn't very clear, but that's the fun part. This blog chronicles that journey.


   It doesn't matter how young you are, whether you have formal education or not, or what tools you have. If you love making games and have any means of doing so, just get started. Practice your talent. Sharpen it. Because you are already a game designer. You just need to make something to prove it to yourself.