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Friday, August 30, 2013

Master Plans

   I have big plans for the next few years and now that I have a ball it's time I get it rolling. I have very clear goals to accomplish. I want to be an indie developer. I want to make enough money to cover my next few tuition bills. I want to start making my dream RPG next year. I want to finish said RPG by 2016. I want to start an LLC with a select few teammates. I want to have fun making great games with friends. Then, I want to help other people do the same. This is an overview on how I'm going to do it.

Operation Game Dev

   Phase 1 ~ Get Money & Experience

    Before anything else, I need to get to a point where I can make profit from my games. I never want to "work" for money again, so unless I want to go back to retail I'll need to start paying off college with money from my apps. I can do that by making fun and interesting apps and trying different monetization techniques. Making a bunch of games will also give me the experience I need to make m dream game even better by using all the little tricks I learn. I might even make a nice little presence in the marketplace so that when my dream game is ready, it might be seen by more eyes.

   Phase 2 ~ Make Dream Game

   The reason I'm  not just jumping to my dream project now is because it is honestly the greatest thing I think my mind is capable of producing. I want it to be done right. If I made it now, it'd be full of mistakes and shortcomings. I'm going to sharpen my skills and take all of my hard knocks before I attempt such an important and difficult project. I also need a steady income before I get started because I'm sure this will take a couple years to complete unlike my other games which can all be made by the end of next year. I want to be able to have at least two entire summers dedicated to working on this every day. Long story short: It needs to be perfect.

   Phase 3 ~ Start Company

   I want to start my own indie game studio when I graduate. I plan to use the money I earn from my dream game along with whatever else I can scrape together (without making life threatening loans) to start one. I'm looking for potential teammates among my classmates and have a few people in mind already. I make it my mission to meet everyone in my major in the case I find someone with the same fiery passion I have for making games. More specifically, I need people dedicated to  Art (2D & 3D), Sound (Music & Effects), Programming (and networking), and Business (Public Relations and playtesting) at the very least. I want to keep it small for a number of reasons, so I'll need to choose carefully.

 Phase 4 ~ Get More Money

  Once I have a company I'll need to keep it alive for as long as I live so I'll be trying my hardest to become financially secure by making games people will love. So long as I keep my heart where it is now, that should just come naturally. I have a few game ideas that I want to grow and develop into potential hit titles that will hopefully put me in a very good position to take creative risks. A company's goal is to make a profit after all, and being rich would be nice, but there is one thing I think is much better... Spreading the wealth to help others do the same.

 Phase 5 ~ Help Others
   After I get to a point where I could risk a large amount ( I'm talking 6 digits) of money, I'd like to  fund small teams of indie developers in order to help them get their first games off the ground. And it's not just ordinary indies I want to help, it's the young ones fresh out of college or even high school. Maybe someone with the talent and passion for game design, but no money to pursue a degree, making the poor soul subject to rejection from job applications based on a piece of paper. I believe great games can be made by anyone who truly wants to make them and I am willing to help them do so, no matter what their background may be. Of course there are complications with this and I have put pages worth of thought into it (and I'm still revising those pages) so there will be time for me to develop the idea further.

   So my basic goal is to just become an indie and live the dream. Once I have that I want to help other people do the same because, come on. Video Games.

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