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Friday, March 13, 2015

BGP Battle Readability

     I want all the important decision making factors to be visible in battle. If you're poisoned, your pony should have bubbles by it's head and a toxic icon near the health bar. If it's raining and that boosts Aqua moves, the downpour should always be visible. If the opponent laid a trap, the trap needs to be seen by your pony's feet. If you have an attacked charged up, your pony should be flashing or emitting particles.

     All these things are important pieces of info that should be visible while the player selects his or her next attack. I just feel like it would really immerse you in battle and make what's going on above the buttons that much more interesting to watch. A big problem I have with turn based RPGs is getting bored after long periods. This is one of the ways I can minimize the chances of players feeling that.

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