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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #80 (Showtime...)

     This is it. I fly away tomorrow, reunite with friends the next afternoon, and face the crowd the day after. After working my fingers to the bone (well, more like my legs and wrists from this intense sitting position) people will finally get to see my labor of love. Emphasis on labor because this is mentally exhausting.

     The trailer is done and I'll be rounding up bugs to the very last day. I'll probably even work on the plane. Whatever it takes to ensure this game is impressive on Friday.

Making new backgrounds and cutting together a trailer was pretty fun.
I have a new storyboarding process and checklist now and I think it made this trailer turn out better than the last few.

  • Functional Move Details Menu
  • How To Play Menu
  • Emote Boxes
  • Rearranged Menu Positions (centered on cameras)
  • Renamed Variables for Ease of Use
  • Created Promotional Artwork
  • 6 New Pony Designs
  • Priority Move System
  • Ace Damage Calculation
  • Submit Panel Details to Equestria Daily
  • New Trailer Designing Process
  • Countless Bug Fixes
  • Finished the BGP Trailer for BronyCon
     Lessons Learned:
  • Unity has a neat little Mute Audio feature in the editor now. It's like they knew that stuff drives devs crazy and made a little gadget for us so we don't have to manually check the mute box on every audio source. How nice.
  • OBS works a lot better for me now since the last few updates. The trailer making process had a lot more hiccups along the way last time, which is part of why I opted out of making a trailer for build 4.
  • I better understand iMovie now. Makes more sense than it used to because I was so used to the old Windows Movie Maker.
  • I can now tell myself I can make a trailer in a single day. Planned, Recorded, and Edited in addition to Promotional Art all done in 24 hours.

       All the little flaws are jumping out at me and I can already hear complaints about missing features or confusing aspects of play. I'm debugging now to address all these imaginary commenters. I need to show that the game has seriously grown since last year.


Finally passed 50,000 on a single Google Play app! Does that make me a cool person on that store?
Also noticed iOS sales going up on average as SlideMe slows to a single drip.

     Will the numbers jump next week? The week after? Who knows, let's see. I can tell the Unicorn Training Demo will pass 60K in a few days for sure. That makes me feel pretty good. Also reading the reviews on Google Play makes me feel like a real developer. I just like knowing people are actually having fun with something I made. I even noticed another generous person paying for Unicorn Training on on the final day of the sale.

     Checking my sales data was just the confidence boost I needed to see before BronyCon.


     Here's the post from Equestria Daily, with BronyCon around the corner and other brony game projects getting off the ground, the time to twirl the BGP sign is now. People need to know this project exists and is hype as can be.

     Here we go. Feeling nervous, but I know relief is coming as soon as my panel ends. Just like last time, the crowd will love it. Who would come to a panel advertising Pony Pokemon and not enjoy the pony Pokemon? 30 minutes of gameplay and 30 minutes of Q&A. I can do this...

Keep your eyes peeled for the Trailer on Friday. The demo will be up by then too.

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