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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #106 (Back in Action)

Sorry for the silence! Been away from the computer for a while.
     Yotes Games is back after vanishing for a few weeks to take care of some personal business, study feedback from the Greenlight campaign, email a lot of people, and set sights on a more defined finish line. The next steps of development are clear, and now it's just a matter of getting it done in a timely manner. Aiming for a major update release mid-February.

Here we are 22 days later.
Code-wise, the game has been untouched for weeks.
But I can never keep myself from tweaking ideas in the design document.
  • January Vacation
  • TriGrid Removed From App Store (out of date IAP code)
  • Made Pony Sprites (for fun/friends/practice)
  • Detailed Plans for Story Flow and Each Pony Encounter
  • Studied Greenlight Reactions (and compared to other/similar games)
     Lessons Learned:
  • I can admit that a big motivator to finish BGP on time is to be able to move to a place that allows me to see my friends more often.
  • I need a Nintendo Switch as soon as this game is finished.
     Before the Greenlight launch I had planned to spend the whole month reaching out to get as much press as possible before taking a week or so off to relieve stress before the long march toward release. Things didn't quite work out as planned and I'd be much better off demonstrating next month's version of the game to the wider gaming world.

     Greenlight week was a doozy of a stressful time but it helped me adjust my direction to make sure Battle Gem Ponies hits bullseye.

     Features like cutscenes and new battle mechanics are on the way, but first I need to fix all the bugs that YouTubers have revealed. And I've already started changing some character sprite designs.


     Haven't checked these in a while. Glad things are still steady after 2 years, but I'd really like to see Unicorn Training gain a bit more popularity as BGP approaches its launch date.


     A bunch of YouTubers have been playing my game and the most popular video by far is the one by Moliminous. You can find that video and a bunch of others on this custom playlist.

Gonna make a new version of this with updated sprites soon.
     Aaaannnd crunchtime begins now! Let's see how much the game can change by next Tuesday.

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