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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #142 (Details, Details)

A peek at a tiny chapter in the design doc.
     Lots of this week was spent editing the design document some more and fleshing out the tiny details that make up the most important bits of the game I want players to remember. Things like every boss' pony team/battle item/move selection, and what important characters say in major cutscenes (and how they say it).

     But I'm just about sick of all this writing and eager to get back into coding features into existence! So this week there will be sprites and there will be coding. Time to get my hands dirty again!

  • Revamped Wild Pony System
  • Wild Pony Rarity Indicators in Battle
  • New Ponipedia Layout Sketches
  • More Detailed Important Battle Scenarios and Team Compositions
  • Saved Some Scenarios & Locations for the Sequel
  • 2nd Draft of Writing for Important Character Dialogue
     Lessons Learned:
  • Making the dialogue clever is going to require a few drafts. For right now though, I should focus on having an alpha full of rough draft text, then alter it later.
Notes to Self like this become programming work for another day.
     Wild Pony Encounter rules have changed. I made it so that I only have to list a bunch of names of the ponies I want appearing in any particular territory on a map. I can give it a randomized Level range, and give each pony a certain chance out of 100% to appear when the player walks into it.

     Development continues...

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