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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #141 (All Fleshed Out)

     Story is all fleshed out, game progression is set, pickups are placed, and the pony roster is spread out across the map like butter on toast. Today I'm doing one last check through for logical consistency to make sure any plot holes are covered and unnecessary info is pushed into the background. The master plan is finally laid out and construction can continue!

  • Edited Spreadsheets
  • Edited Game Design Document
  • Edited Room Layouts
  • Altered Plot Points & Details
  • Changed Some Character Relationships and Dynamics
  • New Sketches for Ultra Ponies
  • Reorganized Design Document
  • New Polish Features Planned
     Lessons Learned:
  • Getting the game down in writing is more time consuming than I thought. Better account for more pre-production time for future games.


iOS versions are going up 1,000 at a time each week.
Something related to discoverability must be working since last month.

     In related news, the Greenlight Trailer finally passed 1,000 views. That's pretty cool, but still nowhere near the 6,000 views on the BronyCon Trailer from last year.


     The BGP Let's Play Collection has expanded a little bit lately and some episodes contained within have gotten followups that weren't added. Keeping up with these inspires me on those days where I feel burnt out. I get to remind myself that this is still all-new to somebody out there and that initial reaction is still "Wow! I can't believe this!" and nothing gets me more pumped.

     Showing the demo to friends in person is even better. I get to shock them with what I do for a living then shock them again with the quality of the BGP Demo. Doing so always reminds my heart what this is all for and gets me energized to knock more things off the Task List. I really can't wait to see the public reaction on launch day.

     Gotta stay motivated. Eyes on the prize. Release day is coming, and I'm the only one who can make it happen! Now Let's Go!

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