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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #140 (Revision of the Vision)

     Taking a close look at the design of Battle Gem Ponies this week to make the game flow better. Knowing why every items, ponies, and power ups are acquired the way they are and how they contribute to the player experience. Condensing big story ideas into as little text as possible. Scattering lore in optional bite-sized chunks instead of exposition dumps. Making sure each map has something memorable happen. And making sure I know exactly how to make what I have written down within the Unity engine and my current pipeline.

     I'm making a list and checking it twice. Gonna make sure this is a game worth people's time and money. Gonna make sure it's an experience people will want to share with others.

With the new phone milestone comes a change to the money making game.
The app store got a makeover and a new road to promotion.
More about that.

  • Revised Story Segments
  • Revised Item Placement
  • Simplified Story Ideas
  • Edited Some Pony Spreadsheets
  • New Jingles for Got Badge and Fully Healed
  • New Song for "Congratulations"
  • Edited & Simplified Music Collaboration Documents (organized Google Drive system to keep BGP's musicians on track)
     Lessons Learned:
  • I need to make an interesting case to Apple in 1,000 words or less once the beta is done. Getting featured on the App Store may very well depend on getting an editor's attention well beforehand. Just hope they aren't swamped with junk on a daily basis and skim over me when when my time comes.
  • Nobody wants exposition dumps, so why not put the lore and small details in the background? Let the curious players seek out that information by reading things off the beaten path instead of halting their progress to make sure they "get it", "get how" or "get why".

     This task outta be done by next week. I've almost gotten the whole game flow simplified and polished and once that's done, I'll tweak the map sketches one last time before getting back to work on Pony Sprites.

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