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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #168 (HUD Crafting)

Ignore the garbled text. That is a bug for another day.
     Been taking my time making these menus and such, and glad to see that stage of development is finally coming to an end. Chewed hard to figure out some bugs and the most efficient way to make things flow, but I think I've got it now and just need to rinse and repeat to get the rest of the menus done.

     See my latest (mis)adventures in game development below.

WIP dialogue system.
A peek at the pause.
  • Revamped Dialogue Spreadsheet Organization
  • Purchased EasyTouch (because fixing the old D-Pad turned into an all-day pain)
  • Pause Screen & Overworld HUD Functionality
  • New Draft for Champion Battle Music
  • Reorganized Animation Folders
  • Revamped Coding Structure (using "SuperTextMesh txt_Name" & "Button btn_Thing" instead of "TextMesh nameTxt" & "GameObject thing.GetComponent<Button>()")
     Lessons Learned:
  • Been letting personal life things slow me down lately and I gotta just shut off Facebook during work hours and F O C U S. They can wait til my next break.
  • The way I was organizing spreadsheets before involved a lot of shorthand and led to it being really hard to read when I take my mind off it then come back months later.
  • Making spreadsheets easy for me to read and understand is more important than making it efficient to write in code. Take the time to spell some things out and have a consistent order of "tabs".
    How I'm keeping track of Overworld text in spreadsheets from now on.
My work desk, straightened, re-bolted, stable.
Now imagine it a few days earlier, leaning too far right, then toppling over as the back piece falls
to the ground and a very surprised (and also upset) me frantically tries to fix it and make sure the monitor's okay.

     The urgency is real. Not only is my car falling apart, but on Thursday night my computer desk literally collapsed as I was working. Little nuts and bolts keep flying off this frail glass desk and I'm basically relying on 2 loose screws to keep the legs up and balanced. I fixed it in place for now and used some junk to prop it up, but in case this setup doesn't last til BGP's release, I have some cheap, studier-looking replacements in mind. And a new chair too while I'm at it, because my current one is just painful and the back comes loose all the time, resulting in me falling backwards if I ever lean into it.

     I'm ironing out all the kinks lately and it looks like smooth sailing for a bit while I just run through each interface and get everything working as expected. The hurdles after that involve getting the gameplay behind it all revamped too. I can only hope nothing else slows things down further.

     Day in, day out, all my thoughts revolve around getting this project finished and finding some way to convince at least 100,000 people to buy it. 

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