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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #175 (E3 2018)

     After such an amazing E3, I feel reinvigorated. Gotta admit to feeling pretty jaded/apathetic about AAA gaming lately, but leave it to the Sony & Nintendo press conferences to remind me of why I love gaming in the first place. The hype I felt over the past couple days is the same feeling I want people to have for the things I'm working on someday. Unprecedented levels of polish, earnest interviews and announcements by hardworking developers, shocking surprises, gameplay to analyze, and jaw-dropping tournament moments... 

     And at the heart of it all? Hours of fun promised by teams I know can deliver. I'm hype ya'll. Now I want to work hard to make sure starting next E3, I'll be there to show off something in person every year.

  • Of Course Nothing But Some Code Organization Got Done
  • E3 Came Right After My Dad's Birthday So When I Wasn't In The Midst of Stanley Cup Hype in Washington DC or Touring Monuments I Was Typing Away and Touching Up Placeholder Sprites 
  • So Another Unproductive Week, Oh Geez, and It's The Middle of June This HAS to Stop
     Lessons Learned:
  • This game really isn't gonna make itself. And 4 hours of work a day isn't enough to get it done by year's end. 
    Gonna take advantage of my renewed energy and new outline/fill-in plan from last week to finally start making some more notable progress. Just looking around at the E3 titles, the feeling of the new Pokemon games, and indie stuff too. I can just tell that BGP belongs there among them. As characters to love and a franchise to get hype about. I want it to exist. I want to meet other developers I look up to and share that mutual respect. I want to make a game worth geeking out about.

    And the only way to do that is to will it into existence.


Did you know that tiny Russian kids make YouTube videos about my Unicorn game?
Cuz this isn't the first time I've found one and right after E3 this is tugging my heart a bit.
    Real life actual babies (humans less than half my size) are out there playing my game. Out of the millions of apps out there they could be drawn and addicted to, somehow they find my pony RPG and give it a go (and often leave reviews too).

     Certainly gives an interesting perspective on this. Or is visualization the word? Basically I mean that it's amazing how kids like this are somehow coming across my game every day. Will they grow up remembering Unicorn Training as that fun phone game they played as a kid the way I look back on old obscure titles I liked (despite them not being very good)?

     It's interesting to think about. If I could get them to jump onto BGP and see that it's made by the same Unicorn Training guy, then I could already be forming some lifelong fans.

Interesting Reviews:

     Here's a little something new. Every once in a while (like 3-4 months) I scroll through all the Unicorn Training reviews and see what people are saying about it in hopes of gauging what people would like/dislike in a followup. Google translate often does a hilarious job of butchering what they're trying to say, but I can read between the lines and figure out the intentions. Thought I'd start sharing some here now and again just cuz it makes me smile knowing sometimes people care enough to leave their two cents on something I made for all to read. Take a look:

     While this one's just a big ol' catchup post, I'll be sure to do this more often and maybe show the 3 or 5 most interesting reviews each month to share here. It's kinda inspirational I think. Serves as a reminder that tangible actual real human being lifeforms are out in the wild playing my video games.

     Every time I even look at the roster for BGP I get excited and visions of the complete product flash through my head. I want it to exist so bad but getting there is so much more difficult than I imagined. I have to do it. Unicorn Training proved I can do it. I have every means in the world to get this done and all I have to do is find a way to focus on taking step after step until the mountain is climbed.

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