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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

First New Build of BGP in Over 2 Years!

Available to the patrons out there keeping development going for so long. We're opening the curtains a bit and letting some of you inside to get a better look at what we're working on. this here is the very beginning of a very fun project.

Download the Battle Gem Ponies Combat Demo on using your Patreon login to get a download key for Windows and/or Android. The old demo will still be available on the same page as before until the public Combat Demo release.

More details on this Patreon Exclusive preview release and future public releases below.

From now on, you'll see the game grow as we the devs do. Every two weeks we plan to update this Patreon exclusive build with whatever we've got so far as a stable (enough) build to play. We're set for a rapid series of updates over the coming months, so this is just the barebones starting point.
Now this first one is absolutely filled with known issues like missing animations, unbalanced attacks, unpolished sequences, but unknown bugs should be minimal, especially compared to the old version. So if any game-breaking terror takes place we'd love to get a breakdown of how you found it (preferably with a screenshot too) on either the Bugs Unearthed forum on Itch or in our new Discord Server for Battle Gem Ponies.

We've busted our humps the past week to get a basic fully playable battle system out without having to delay the demo for the 800th time. But as this is being typed up, the game's programmer Royal has been scheduled for yet another round of intense overtime at the job actually paying his bills at the moment and will be unavailable for the next two weeks. So I'll take advantage of that time period by getting more hefty behind the scenes tasks (such as setting up all 360 fully animated moves for implementation) out the way so once he gets back we'll have a lot more to show at once.
We're planning to update the game dramatically for a big public reveal on June 15th, but with the crazy curve-balls Corona keeps throwing at us, firm dates like that are just a fantasy. So we'll play it by ear.
Thank you for the crazy amount of patience it takes to keep following a game project like this. Game development is such an intimidating challenge sometimes, but its the milestones like this that makes it feel worthwhile. We're building something great here and are so very excited to finally start sharing what it looks like with you.
- Tony Yotes, on behalf of the Yotes Games Team

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