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Monday, December 12, 2022

What makes a game like Pokémon Scarlet or Violet so dang FUN despite all the cut corners?

Pokémon SV has me thinking about what order to put Game Direction priorities in... 🤔

(List & Thoughts below the break!)

Can't believe I'm having so much fun with "the lowest rated games in the franchise". Makes me wonder just how important polish is to having a good time, really.

The list so far (for any game out there, not just Pokémon):

1. Character Appeal / Acting

2. Visual Style / Feedback

3. Premise / Gimmick & Charm

4. Music

5. Story

6. Gameplay / Reward Loop

7. Level Design / Setpiece Moments

8. Playthrough Diversity (Choices, Customization, & Emergence)

9. Satisfactory Content... (for Explorer, Socializer, Achiever, & Killer Gamer Architypes)

10. UI/UX + Quality of Life Features

11. Game Mechanic Refinement / Balance

12. Sound Design

13. Technical Performance

14. Playtime Length / Replayabilty

15. Immersive Flair (Extra Polish & Feature Scope)

This is just a First Draft of rough ideas for me to consider when it comes to making games with a set-in-stone limited time and budget. What's the most important stuff to get right to ensure players have a good time with your game despite it's flaws?

How would YOU rank these?

Is anything missing from the list?

Anything that shouldn't even be there?

I really wanna know the consensus on this one.

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