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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Battle Gem Ponies Made Waves at Magfest 2023! 🌊

You might've caught this over on our Twitter already, but...

Our showcase at Magfest was a huge success! It proved to us that BGP has the appeal necessary to capture viral opportunity. Once you see it, you can't help but take a closer look (and like what you see!)...

We've now had literally hundreds of strangers come up and play the latest Battle Gem Ponies demo, follow us on social media, and give us the precious feedback we need to take things to the next level. Our next in-person appearance is likely to be TrotCon in July (fittingly celebrating a video game theme this year) and if we're lucky, we'll get in touch with someone willing to install BGP on devices in the Arcade at BABSCon this year too.

Notes have been taken on how to improve our booth for future expos and all of this makes great practice for when we try to go stand alongside the big names in gaming at PAX one day.

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