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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Dragon Souls Prologue Status Report #2 (Setting Up)

     Development is underway! I am seeing the pieces come together as I try new techniques I want to perfect in future games. Things like smaller/sharper sprites, smooth controls, and clean general organization.

Check out some sales data below!

I'm going to work on the HUD sprites today.

  • Updated Unity (4.6)
  • Updated 2D Toolkit (2.5)
  • More Early Sprites
  • Ideas For Background Sprites
  • Made Test Scene
  • Scaled Sprites To Look Sharp
  • Unicorn Training Featured on Equestria Gaming
  • Uploaded Unicorn Training (Full) Patch 1.76
     Lessons Learned:
  • I Considered Entering The Independent Games Festival Student Competition, But My Works Are Only Pushing What Mobile Is Capable Of, Not Games In General. It May Not Be Worth The Cost Of Going There.
       I was able to make my small sprites look crisp on 2D Toolkit's camera by making all the sprites and collections use Point filtering instead of Bilinear like I've been doing in my other games. This means I can have pixel perfect sprites at any resolution using the minimum amount of space.

     Now that I have some basic things to look at I want to dive into coding how they work on a grid so I know what I'm dealing with when it's time to fine-tune them.


     I've been sticking at around 20 downloads a day for Unicorn Training and I'm still trying to get it uploaded on Samsung. There's over 2600 downloads of the demo and nearly 500 total for the full one across all the available platforms. The bug reports have stopped since 1.76, so the only flaws left in the game are the design ones.


     A short, negative, but fair review of Unicorn Training went up on a brony gaming blog called Equestria Gaming. It's basically the same stuff you'd find in the Play Store's review section. It's a pretty game with bad controls and glitches galore. There's a lot to do in the full version, but apparently the free one isn't doing the game justice. You can read the post here.

     Now that weekly game updates are going up, there's only going to be sales charts and bullet points in these things. I still need to get into the groove on just what I'm trying to provide as a game development blog. Friday posts lean more towards the game development info I want to share, while status reports lean more on the producer side where I share business info and have a specific list of what I've been doing all week. After a certain point will tracking the numbers be too inaccurate here or become less interesting?

     For now I'll stay on course and see how things feel as I go on.

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