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Friday, November 28, 2014

Dragon Souls Design Document & Sprite Drafts

     After a nice Thanksgiving break post-Unicorn Training (not much progress, but lots of dreaming), I'm finally ready to start Dragon Souls Prologue. I wrote up the design document to finally get things out of my head and into the logical world. It's complete rule-wise but details may change as the game comes together.

    The game design document is the big paper where I describe in vivid detail exactly what game I'm going to be making and how to go about making it. Because I'm working alone, I only have to make it clear for me and my future self.

Get some design info and sprites below.

The blue is the player surrounded by the sword's damage range.
The grids below show a bullet's impact form the gun.
    In the pictures above you'll see I have plans for the three different enemy types and a chart showing the damage range for the sword and gun attacks. Having a visual aid really helps cement things because in your mind everything is flawless. It's only when you can stare at your idea in the physical world that you see all the flaws and start fixing them.

Making sprites based on Unicorn Training ones and  designs from other games.
     By this time next week I should have animated sprites and a playable prototype. For now it's just unorganized chaos and an idea coming to life. I have a game plan now and know how to execute it with 3 weeks to go.

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