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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Unicorn Training Promo Material

     If by some miracle from the shining heavens Unicorn Training takes off and gets featured on an appstore I'll need to submit art at certain resolutions for them to put on the storefront so people can click on the pretty art to be taken to my app info page. I made them for TriGrid, Candy Shop Catch, DragCore, and Feed The Plant so it's nothing new. I'm only getting better at it.

     I've finally realized the importance of having nice contrasting colors and sharp pixels. Without something telling the eyes what the boundaries are and where to focus it looks like some amateur MS Paint mock-up. I want my banners to stand out on the app store and look as good, if not better, than anything next to it. If I expect people to actually pay for this, I need to go the extra mile.

Get some pretty promotional art below!

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