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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Unicorn Training Tested (+ App Description!)

     The game runs great on both tablets and phones! All things point to go for final app compilation. Unicorn Training is on it's way to an appstore near you! I'm going to scramble to get release info ready to go. Look below the break for my rough draft of the app description and leave a comment about what you think.

     From what I've read, an engaging app description has a Question/Challenge, then an Emotional Struggle, and ends with a Conclusion with a Twist. My game doesn't really merit all that but this description seems to get idea across. I'll go over it with some folks and tweak it a bit before release.

    Keywords are tags chosen based on what I expect people interested in this kind of game to type into search boxes. I start with the name so people find me first if looking it up directly. Next I put in a bunch of words I'd type if I were looking for this sort of game, saving known titles (such as zelda) for last after yotes. This is because if people are looking for games like zelda, they can find mine among the others but not find mine claiming to be zelda. It's hard to describe but I just don't want to have a taken name as my first keyword because I'd feel like a clone trying to mooch off another game's success. If the keyword list is too long, taken names are the first to go as I shave down the list.

unicorn training quest rpg pony adventure equica magic mage wizard yotes zelda mlp brony

Master powerful magic, venture through dungeons, and explore the monster-filled forest of Equica! 

Clover is the unicorn apprentice of Grand Swirllock the Bearded. She needs to learn the 10 basic combat spells every mage must master to survive fights against the monsters of Equica. 

Beat the dungeons to unlock more spells and extend your life energy! Beat all the dungeon bosses to prove you’re tough enough to take on any dangerous quest!
  • Unlock 10 Different Combat Spells!
  • 9 Dungeons Crawling With Monsters & Treasure!
  • Plunder Caves For Gems & Items!
  • Find Cupcakes, Potions, and Power-Boosting Equipment!
  • A Vast & Mysterious Forest Awaits…

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