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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Status Report #62 (Finishing Touches To Unicorn Training)

     It's soon to be trailer week as I finish up some last minute things with Unicorn Training. Game breaking bugs have been turning up all week and I've been squashing every one I could find. Next week will be all about the game trailer, a gameplay compilation, and bug testing before making a free version of the game and putting both on the appstore waiting list before next Monday. It's really the home stretch now!

I discovered that when loading scenes, it loads the one called last.
Kinda backwards code if you ask me.

  • Final Music Implemented
  • Additional Sound Effects
  • Intro & Ending Text Scenes
  • Open House
  • Smooth Transition From Black On Scene Load
  • Microsoft Project Version Of My Next Dev Task List
  • Permission To Expand On Mobile Game For Capstone
  • Plans For PC Version Of Monster/Pony RPG
     Lessons Learned:
  • The Weight Is Lifting Already.
  • Free Music Will Never Sound Right. I Need Custom Music From Here On.
  • The Thought Of Launching 2 Games At Once Is More Exciting Than Stressful In This Case. Will That Change When Both Are Done?
       I feel like I'm evolving past my former self and preparing to because a brand new Yotes capable of producing great games. I plan to start off this new me with a simple hack n' slash game with tons of polish that I'll release by the time appstores close for the holidays.


     How the heck am I going to organize these when I'm on 20 different platforms? I should make a simple list when it gets to that point. I like the graphs, but they should only be used when focusing on a particular store. They're more useful to me than to people reading this who just want the numbers.

    For some reason the amazon total wasn't working this week so I'll see if it comes back by next Friday. The numbers basically only changed by one so nothing new to see there.

     The future is shining bright and my head is buzzing with ideas for how far I can take my mobile project that I start in January. The Gaming & Simulation instructor is allowing me to expand on my mobile project for my Capstone. This means I'll have the time to execute a PC version of it so long as it's a dramatic improvement to what I turned in the previous year (and it will be). A unique interface, new arenas, a focus on PvP, and a more complex battle system should make it much more impressive than the pre-alpha my teacher will see by the end of next semester.

    I looked into Steam Greenlight and other PC distributors (Desura and even Facebook) to get a feel for what I'm in for when I make a PC version of my Pokemon style game. I have plans for a spinoff akin to Pokemon Stadium or Pokemon Showdown that I can release at a low price on Steam and the like to boost interest in the game as a series. I might even make enough extra money to offset my school expenses for my Spring 2016 semester.

     It could also lead to me hooking the hardcore competitive PC players who can really champion the game and give me the deep feedback I'm looking for if the mobile audience stays quiet. It's all chaotic stuff that I have to plan out in extreme detail over time but at least the idea is out there.

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