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Friday, November 21, 2014

Next Project: Dragon Souls Prologue (Arcade Hack n' Slash)

Dusty old doc from before Unicorn Training...
    It's finally time to talk about this thing. This game I've been trying to make since I first learned C++ in high school. Back then it was called Dragon's Flux, but now... Dragon Souls. Trademarked. Actually, I'm just holding onto the trademark since it isn't set in stone unless I provide proof of use in commerce within the next 4 months. It was a really good name that describes the theme perfectly and before Yotes Games was even a thing I saved up to buy the name "Dragon Souls" as the name of my own video game series.

     Sadly, like Unicorn Quest, I'm not able to make this huge RPG adventure just yet. Especially with school in the way. Instead I'll be pseudo-introducing the game's protagonist and world rules. I say "pseudo" because unlike with Unicorn Training it's going to be very unrelated to the actual game series in terms of gameplay. This is a fast-paced action title with one mode and one rule: Survive.
    Dragon Souls Prologue will be a survival game where you run around a map destroying anything that moves. You play as an unnamed spirit with the power of a dragon flowing through your every strike. The game is meant to take place in a dream of the protagonist of a Zelda-style game I'll be making a few years from now. The project from the video will finally come to life.

    You'll be switching from sword to gun and beating the crap out of 3 different colorful ghost monsters with unique behaviors. It's a simple, short, and free project to introduce a world idea (like Unicorn Training did) and allow me to experiment with a new grid-based control system I've had in mind since late July.

     There will be more details as the game comes along during the week so keep checking in every Friday and Tuesday to see them. I'm going to flex my game dev muscle again and churn out a highly polished title in record time for the app store holiday rush.

Game notes I scribble in class.
    I'm still in the absolute earliest stages of development right now but I have a clear vision in my head that I need to write down and test out. I have 4 weeks to make this game, but if it takes longer, release can wait until January. Let's see what gets done a week at a time...

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