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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Crunch Time To Get A Quick Game Out

     The race is on to get started on my next game jam style project. I want a free smaller game finished before appstores shut down for winter holidays. That means it has to be up before the 20th since they usually stop accepting and reviewing submissions around the 22nd. If I want to ensure my place when most companies are rushing out Christmas apps, I need to be completely done with my game done and submitted by December 10th to get on stores like amazon, Samsung, and GetJar. Google Play lets you upload whenever you want, but may still close off uploading for Christmas.

     I used Microsoft Project to vaguely plan out how long it'll take to make the game. I normally use my iPod's notepad as a Task List but Microsoft Project allows me to make a dynamic list that also gives a more accurate time prediction thanks to it's calendar features. It does tons of other professional stuff that may come in handy later the way word has for my design documents so I'm taking the opportunity to get used to using this instead of quickly scribbled notes. Now I can scribble dev tasks on the go and place them in my self-updating chart to see how it affects my deadlines.

     The time I give to each task is pessimistic (taking longer than I really think it will) so I can account for my less productive days (mostly bug hunting like this week) and not be behind schedule. Doing it this way gives me room to breathe so the stress doesn't kill me and I get the satisfaction of being ahead of schedule on most days. That really helps me sleep at night.

    Trouble is, according to my current predictions I won't be done until January 2nd if I start on November 16th! That's after the Christmas rush I want it to be in. If I put my focus on full force I should get it out by December 15th at least on Google Play (accessible on most android devices anyway). We'll just have to see. I get started the day I hit publish on Unicorn Training.

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