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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #34 (Final Year of School)

The V2 build exists on my iPod now. Looks nice lined up with the others.
     I'm back at school now and my very first class was Gaming & Simulation Capstone. I'll be talking with my professor later to see if I can work on BGP as my capstone. If not, I'll have to make up an unrelated game with pieces I can place back into the BGP game when the class comes to an end.

     Go get a full game development status report below!

You can definitely expect Battle Gem Ponies on Windows 10.
It has to sell better than these games.
One more year of this school thing.
  • 2 New Pony Sprites
  • BGP Senior Project Confirmed
  • Installed Windows 10
  • Obtained Windows Developer License
     Lessons Learned:
  • BronyCon was great for morale. I feel more determined than ever to bring my vision into reality.
  • I'm onto something great here. Just stay on course until July, and BronyCon will remind me how awesome my project is.
  • Whatever it takes, I won't let school slow down my progress. I'll find a way to work on BGP as much as possible.
       Still need to talk about specifics on the capstone project today. If things go over well I can develop the overworld, multiplayer setup, and online play for Battle Gem Ponies. If not, I'll develop all those things but replace the Battle Gem Ponies combat with something laughably simple so I can just replace it later.

     As for the Windows 10 update, I am allowed to upload to the store now and will try to get Unicorn Training and Feed The Plant up for touch screen devices. It could be time consuming though, so don't expect anything to release before the next devlog.


   A big consideration for me is getting my stuff on Windows 10. Battle Gem Ponies will be the first premium game I make that runs perfectly on any system. The tough thing with Windows 10 is the huge wave of games coming to it soon. It may be good or bad for me, but a year from now that market could be as crowded as mobile app stores.


Tons of reviews are popping up on Google Play for my Unicorn games.
Over 100 Likes!
     My trip to BronyCon pushed me over the 100 likes bar on Facebook. Getting that number as high as possible is a great start for pre-launch hype. To really hike up those numbers I'll need to post exclusive beta news for Facebook followers leading up to launch day. Facebook allows for the most engagement with with customers so I really want the Yotes Games page to take off.

If you can't mention bronies anywhere you better not even elude to Sonic fans.
     If you remember my Twitter interview a month back, you may have wondered why no article has come of it yet. Turns out there are some editors out there who won't touch certain demographics with a 10-foot pole. Kind of surprising really, and it came off as unprofessional to me. I'm sure I won't run into these issues when I approach the likes of IGN, AppSpy, and Polygon with a beta though. If a game hits a certain quality bar it doesn't matter how weird the content is. That could make the story that much more interesting (A.K.A. clickable).

     The race is on. The rush toward playable builds of Battle Gem Ponies, the mad scramble for cash to attend BronyCon 2016 and become an LLC, the sprint toward getting seriously buff, and the desperate dash towards getting over the sore throat I've had all weekend!

    This is the year of major change for me. By the end of it I need to be the Yotes I've dreamed of since creating this blog. On the cusp of releasing a great game that tons of people can't wait to play.

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