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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #84 (August... A year from now, BGP will be out.)

     Now that was a hectic week. One awful drive from PA to FL later, I'm finally ready to start a permanent Florida life. Got friends here to keep me company (and keep me from stressing out) and the genuine feeling of a fresh start on life.

     One year from now I'll be that musclebound, wealthy, gamedev badass I imagined in high school. Good times are ahead and I'm ready to start running toward them again. Take a look at how I'm kicking this off below!

Still dealing with the world's most annoying Healing Bug.
Tweaked the screen resolutions a bit so there's no cutoff on certain device aspect ratios.
  • Final Move to Florida
  • Finished Vacation/Distraction/Chaos Month
     Lessons Learned:
  • This health recovery bug is a serious pain. I know I can crack it though.
       There's less pressure on the move out timeline now, but I still want my game done before next BronyCon so I can get things in motion for living on my own in 2018.

     I may be doing physical work this month to save up some friendship money. Money I can use for things like theme parks, conventions, parties, and dates to keep my social life going so I don't sink into a depression and go insane. It's labor that'll take away like 8 hours from gamedev each day, but I can stay up late and squeeze out at least 3 good hours of progress a night. Whatever it takes.


Some nice milestones crossed.
     Due to some security vulnerabilities conflicting with Google Play's Dev Terms and me not wanting to open up old corrupt Unity files, I may be taking down my projects that feature in-app purchases. That means DragCore, TriGrid, and Candy Shop Catch will be no more! So if you want to snag these little pieces of Yotes Games history before they're gone, try to get 'em before next Tuesday. Not sure if I even have to take them down, but I know I eventually will anyway...

     Still making that steady $30 a month. Mostly thanks to my PayPal donor Craig, who's still tossing $10 my way and helping me stretch these finances far. I outta give this mystery guy early access or something. Wonder if that's possible on Steam or Google Play?

     I found a decrease of Twitter followers due to the recent inactivity, but I'm sure my 740 can soon be eclipsed as demo 5.1 is pushed into the hands of Let's Players next week.


     Living it up bachelor style in the sunshine state is going to be great! Just need to get this dang game up and running. After all that mess and the distractions soon to come, I doubt I'll even reach a June release date. But it has to be out by July so I have something to show at BronyCon in August.

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