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Friday, August 26, 2016

Now for Something Different... (The Fun Stuff!)

     I'm cracking open some old strategy guides and analyzing some of the design decisions of the old Pokemon games in order to get in the proper frame of mind to design my own world map tile by tile. After this I'm going to finally start making sprites for every single pony so I can see what they look like (and maybe show a few to you guys to keep you entertained).

     I'm excited to finally be doing something without code. And I get to lay down on my bed for this part! A very nice change of pace and a reward for getting over the Demo 5 hurdle. I'll consider Demo 5 a success if I can get 3,000 people to download it. And to help boost that number along, I uploaded version 5.2 last night to get rid of some nasty bugs I saw popping up.

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