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Friday, September 2, 2016

BGP Inspiration (Concept Art Gallery)

     I'm still not done drawing maps just yet so I thought I'd share some concept pictures pulled from Google Images that using as inspiration for the upcoming zones. These are the same images the BGP musicians will have as mental placeholders as actual in-game screenshots are under construction.

Check out the gallery below the break.

*All areas based on this map plan.
Wild Battle

Trainer Battle

Stadium Battle

Stadium Semifinals

Paragon Cartel

Paragon Executives

Paragon Leader

Maven Battle

Championship Match

Alicorn Battle

Approach Alicorn

March toward the Final Battle

Maven Friendship/Overworld/Pony Bond


Heart Warming

Next Challenger (Tournament)

Title Screen

Multiplayer Setup

Peridot Woods


Mt. Solid/Steam

Ocean (Surf)

Ocean (Underwater)

Victory Island

Garnet Meadow

Albite Ridge

Thawfrost Path


Sapphire Sanctum

Wraithgrounds (Graveyard)

Wraithgrounds (Underworld)

Citrine Desert

Astral Peak

Honeydew Town

Taupton Town


Mauve Town

Iris City

Ivory City

Neon City

Bimini Beach

S.S. Alberg

Health Center


Paragon HQ

     And so these are the images inspiring BGP's art direction and music. Only the BGP screenshots were created by me and the rest were pulled from Google images (and sometimes arranged together in Gimp with a gradient applied behind them).

     This served as a great exercise in finding images that matched the things I see in my head. I was surprised to see what game levels my mind was pulling color palettes from. Altogether I think this is going to make for a varied and memorable game experience.

Now then, back to drawing maps...

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