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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #98 (Mid-November)

     I know for a fact that I won't have Demo 6 out in time for Sun & Moon. And I'll likely spend a week playing Sun and feverishly taking notes and looking into what improvements fans are latching onto to make my own game better.

     In light of that, a midway build was released on to at least give players a build with some bug fixes and a tiny bit on polish. Get the rundown on recent events below. (You can even take a peek at my new OC pony if you're curious.)

A friend wanted me to make a pony OC for myself for over a year now.
Finally got around to it on Trump Day as a distraction.
Themed to fit in the Adventures in Equica universe.

  • Released Version 5.5
  • Yotes OC Pony
  • NPC "Voice" Placeholders
     Lessons Learned:
  • There's so much potential sitting in my hands here... I have to make it work.

       Here's a mildly interesting bug that got fixed. I need to be extra careful when naming save data variables, because I accidentally misspelled one of Thestra's move slot names in the code and it made her first move "null" which freezes the battle scene on use.


     95K Unicorn Training players! And BGP's numbers go back to the couple hundreds.


     New comments to read over here. I feel like a doofus for accidentally sending both the draft email and another one the following morning like I planned, but I'm sure they'll forgive/forget that little derpage. Now it's up to me to make good on my promises and make build 6 already!

     Work continues. A new feature every day. Keep at it and the game will be done eventually, right?

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