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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #108 (More Spriting)

     Making a video game about ponies over here. Drawing lots of new sprites and it's taking a while to get 'em all looking just right from 4 angles and in motion alongside 16x16 pixel tiles. By Friday they should all be in-game and I'll be waist-deep in bug fixing.

The protagonist sprites are now replaced.
In-Game Avatar Test
Poni-Bot! What the heck am I gonna do with you, man?
  • Animated Player Avatars
  • Some NPCs
  • Edited Pony Sprites
  • Edited Tiles (to fit new big-headed people)
  • Planned Boss Battles
  • Renamed Some Moves
  • Tons More Added to List of YouTubers
     Lessons Learned:
  • Looks like the Greenlit NIA pony game closed down. Was looking forward to studying its launch and public reaction to a pony game on Steam. So even with a Patreon, the project couldn't get enough funding.
  • And even more chaos in the fandom as a new (but old) C&D pops up for FiM MEGA. But hopefully many will see the correlation. Only games using official characters and trademarks get taken down. Not every game with a playable pony in it.
  • And I learned that Pokemon Prism may have been taken down because that's a working title for an upcoming official game and Nintendo wants that searchable trademark space clear. 
       Pretty much spent the entire week staring at the new human sprites and trying to get them to look just right. And doing so for every frame of every possible player pose and I'm still not 100% satisfied, but I have to move on. Bugs need fixing and there's at least 15 workdays worth of content to add after that. Demo 7 needs to be out before the end of February to keep my promise.

     But at this rate, some things will need to be pushed back to Demo 8. Getting kinda sick of doing that, but it's really how gamedev goes. Takes way longer than you expect every time. Especially if you're as optimistic as I am.


App sales are steady.
In case you're curious about how BGP is doing on Greenlight one month later.
    Simply going by YouTube view counts across unrelated channels and countries, I can estimate that over 30,000 people have at least seen BGP now. Just gotta get that many people to download the demo so they can have an actual taste of it before launch. 

(And I could definitely use about 10,000 more upvotes!)


     Development continues. Seems to stretch on forever. But as long as something gets done each day, it'll wrap up eventually. Really hope this next update gives the game the positive boost it needs.

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