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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #130 (Ponatina & Presentation Pieces)

     Remember back when I showed that list of ponies and that other time I mentioned the starter from this game would be a lot like Eevee? This is that pony. Ponatina! The mysterious companion you'll meet at the start of your adventure!

Get some regular gamedev news below.

Animating the remaining ponies needed for the Alpha demo.
Dem LEGS tho!
  • Designed Ponatina (your starter pony)
  • Animated Ponatina & Mauss
  • Organized Pony Parts Library (for easier animating in the future)
  • Updated BronyCon Promo Images
     Lessons Learned:
  • Turns out you're not allowed to use the BronyCon logo without express permission. I got an email requesting I change the image to feature a 2017 Panelist logo instead. So I went around swapping out the image on sites I repost blogs in to comply.
  • The pony parts library makes animating a lot less daunting. Most pony poses are similar, so with each one I do, animating the next will be easier.
A peek at the process of animating this pony.
       Not sure when, but I'll need to release demo 7 some time before I scrap the current tile map system and start crafting the alpha world and reorganizing sprite sheets. Can't believe July is flying by so fast! Still so much to do!

Animating Mauss
     Lots to do and not long to do it. But it's coming along though. Wish me luck!

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