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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #147 (What? The Project is Evolving!)

Ultra transformations are possible with the same meteorites that transform Ponatina.
     Things are picking up! With the game's design all settled and the sprites finally wrapping up, there's interesting pictures to go around and hype people up with. I'm also able to give a much more solid pitch now that the entire vision is clear.

     All that's left is to get to that Alpha state... Time to continue the #gamedev march! Look below for the interesting events of the past week.

A lot of my ponies had vacant expressions, so to liven the cast up
I experimented with some different attitudes for each one.
I went around different chat groups and asked if they preferred
the cute or dark version better. Dark won by a landslide.
Simplified this homie's horn a little bit.
So, remember that Joyance pony I didn't know what to do with?
She got a little makeover. ✨
Then I added the ribbons back in and now she's perfect!
Here's the whole bunch! (minus legendaries)
Probably only need to do a few lighting tweaks on some before animating, but they're done.

  • Big Forum Post on Relic Castle
  • More Active on Twitter (@TonyYotes)
  • Getting used to Discord (navigating chats, joining servers, looking for feedback)
  • Finalized All Pony Sprites
  • Drafted All Ultra Form Sprites
  • Separated Pony Pieces for Easier Animation Later
  • Organized Pony Parts Library
  • Plans for New Pause Menu Design (sleek & vertical with highlighting)
I aspire to be in Forbes 30 Under 30 alongside this hero of mine.
     Lessons Learned:
  • The pony roster totally feels alive now. I can see them acting out scenarios so clearly in my head now. The way they move and interact is finally solidified in my head and I can start the animation process as soon as the Alpha gets finished.
  • Pictures are worth infinitely more than words. They draw attention like nothing else. Words can be empty promises, but picture proof makes a project feel real.
  • Tons of creative folks out there are more than happy to give feedback, constructive criticism, and good suggestions if they like your stuff and see potential. 

       The Yotes Games Twitter follower @thunderlight470 suggested I make the main menu less cluttered and even made a mockup for it! I remember getting that suggestion from a YouTuber and another commenter before too, so it's about time I did something about that. I'm thinking that with some polish, I can make a tab/blade menu style work perfectly here.


     Been more active on Twitter now that there's stuff to show off and wouldn't you know it, my follower count is going back up. Let's see if I can get back to my all-time high of 780 by the end of next #screenshotsaturday.

Here's a peek at a few other ponies that took a while to get just right.
     This is where things get interesting. Time for Battle Gem Ponies to pickup some momentum and get people talking. I can't believe we're almost there! Onward!!

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