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Friday, July 31, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies Pre-Alpha V2 Demo [Download]

      It's finally here. A version of Battle Gem Ponies.exe you can play! Have a blast with the 6 available ponies in simple randomized battles against the computer. This is the game at its earliest possible form so expect quality to skyrocket with each preview release over the next year.

     In the next update you can expect improved mechanics, bug fixes, special move functionality, customizable attacks, an overworld to explore, local multiplayer, and gamepad support. This version is PC exclusive but future demos may come to mobile, Linux, and Mac platforms.

     If you're new to BGP and plan on attending BronyCon 2015, be sure to check out the Battle Gem Ponies panel in the Hall of the Moon Sunday, August 9th from 1:45pm to 2:45pm.


  1. Wait, what? Why is this an exe and not an apk? Isn't this supposed to be an android/ios game like all of your other games?

    1. This game will be multiplatform and available on mobile AND PC/Mac/Linux. This demo is PC exclusive since it's the easiest platform to setup tests on. Once the game is more stable and less likely to crash under random interruptions I'll conduct mobile tests through Google Play and other app stores.

  2. I've been poking some fun at the symbols available in the demo that represent each pony type, and how it correlates to weakness/strength vs other ponies yet the weakness and strengths are not that intuitable, which leads to some mildly condescending humor at it. (though checking the pokemon wiki reveals they have comparable fault) Below is a chart of what I thought each element "was" (it's biased towards a rediculous interpretation of the symbols). But it could be helpful to making your types more intuitable.

    air=air (or wing)
    draco=noodle spike
    dark=bad moon
    magic=pink fire

    The demo is actually a little fun (something I wasn't expecting) and sure beats out the pokemon gold/silver blue/red games I grew up with on the gameboy. I'd say it's the improved graphics (compared to the past) that really make it stand out. I give you esteem with my compliment.

    1. Thanks for the insight. I like to take note on how players interpret unexplained things like the symbols. Let's me know what to focus on when crafting a tutorial.

  3. This demo is meant to show that the game exists and will actually be released at some point. Be warned, since this is a very early pre-alpha nothing is final and a lot of things are broken. If you encounter a broken thing, press the escape key to return to the main menu.

    Feel free to write whatever bugs you find right here in the comments. I'll add them to my bug list for the next update.

    Bugs I know about:
    - Game rarely crashes after certain attack animations, but can be reset with the escape key
    - Lock-On, and Teleport actually do damage
    - Minor animation sprite glitches
    - Move calculator switches your attack class to your first move's sometimes
    - Animation timing gets out of sync is game lags

  4. I've tested your game a bit, and discovered some glitches/hidden features in the game.

    Also, would you like me to mail you video of the glitches I catch?

    1. If it's not covered in this video, sure.