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Friday, July 17, 2015

BGP: Maladies and Altering Stats Mid-Battle

     Stats like Attack, Energy Defense, Speed, and Evasion are specific to each form your pony takes, meaning buffs stacked on them are form specific too. However, maladies like Poison, Sleep, and Burn affects all of your pony's forms (the entire party). Accuracy is the only stat shared across all pony forms. It's a dynamic that reinforces the sense of each player having just one pony that shapeshifts rather than traveling with a team. Hopefully it gets people to bond more with their pony while also opening up interesting combat dynamics.

     This means you can have situations where your Simber has a sharpended Energy Attack stat then gets Cursed by a Ghost Class opponent. On the next turn if you switch to Orscina, the Energy Attack boost is gone and you're still Cursed. If you use Orscina's ability to heal then switch back to Simber, the curse will be lifted and the Energy Attack boost will return.

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