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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #29 (Attack Sprites Galore, Looking to the Future)

     I'm all hyped up on my potential future this week. It's up to me to make Yotes Games mean something to a lot of people. I can't wait to do just that. Lots of spriting was done this week. Once I get them all to move properly, I can put out a demo for everyone to try.

     Hopefully DevLog #30 will be the last before a public demo release. Almost done here.

Been having a lot of fun on Twitter this week.
Really wish I could at least make a trailer to end my panel with.

  • Twitter Interview with Kristen Wilson
  • All 25 Move Animation Sprites
  • New YouTube Redirect for Videos Link on Blog
  • Joined Naked Game Play to Promote Yotes Games
  • Wrote First Draft of BGP Press Release Email
  • Planned For Posting Pony Sprites on DeviantArt Leading Up To Release
  • Submit Unicorn Training Trailer and 25 Promo Codes to IRX
  • Research on Assembling A Dev Team
  • Research on Presenting at Conventions & Expos
  • Research on Making a Home Dev Office
  • Research on Personal Finance
     Lessons Learned:
  • The interview game me a sort of preview of what questions people will ask at BronyCon. Good to prepare solid answers now.
  • I should be fine during the panel if I make the battles look awesome and keep hype up during the slideshow segment.
  • I finally saw Jurassic World and it ignited a strong passion for entrepreneurship within me. I want to be in charge of something awesome. I also want to be the one keeping greed and selfishness from taking over company decisions. To rule as the late Mr. Iwata did.
  • "In my mind, I am a game developer. But in my heart, I am a gamer." - Satoru Iwata. Words I'll be living by soon enough.
     Indie Game Riot is hosting an online convention in place of IndiE3. This year I'm submitting the Unicorn Training Trailer, next year I'll try Battle Gem Ponies. Keep a lookout for it if you haven't tried the game yet because I also sent them 25 download codes for the iOS version. This is like dipping my toes in to see what it's like before giving a serious push with BGP.

Check out the IRX
     On the musical side of things Eric Eom and Justin Heng are busting their humps to get some really cool drafts done. You'll be able to hear some of it in the upcoming demo.

     Music is the emotional undertone that makes a game memorable, so getting it done right is important. Which is why I reached out for passionate experts rather than tinker with things myself and push back release another year.


   The spike has now passed. I'm placing my prediction of iOS sales matching Google Play's. 0-3 downloads a day and earning just under $30 a month. I should be making $60 a month now, putting me on a steady track toward the $500 needed to start a company. Assuming I get nothing for my birthday or Christmas, I'll have enough by March (end of the 2nd fiscal year quarter). If I do get some gift money, I might just might get it in time for January 1st. An easy to remember anniversary.


The entire conversation is right here.
     I had my first interview as a game developer on Tuesday and things went pretty smooth. Pretty much a one-on-one Q&A thread over Twitter. The biggest difficulty of the whole thing would have to be Twitter's character limit, but that could also be a plus for keeping things concise.

     My chat with Kristen was all about the features of Battle Gem Ponies and what to expect from Yotes Games at BronyCon next month.

     My second reach out towards fame is on Naked Game Play. A new website to shamelessly plug my stuff. It stands alongside SlideDB and MyIGN as a place to repost blogs. Hope it brings on more eyeballs. Things are just getting good around here.

     I'm very surprised at how much didn't get done this summer. makes me worry if school will slow me down even further. I really want to make the summer 2016 deadline. Way too much is depending on me getting on my feet around graduation. I need to get BGP in the hands of 45,000 people somehow. But first I have to make it exist at all. 

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