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Friday, July 10, 2015

Updated BGP Demo Release Schedule

     With June's delays accounted for, the Spring 2016 release date still seems possible, but the demo releases are thrown out of whack. There is only time for one public demo before BronyCon 2015 and features once intended for the convention will not be available until a number of weeks after.

Below the break you can find a modified version of the BGP demo release schedule.

As always, everything is subject to change in game development.

·  Mid July - Pre-Alpha V2: 

·  6 ponies, a limited selection of moves, and basic battle features, all nicely animated. 
·  Access to quick random battles on the title screen.

·  Early August - Pre-Alpha V3:

The big BronyCon demonstration.

· PowerPoint sharing plans for overworld, future ponies, upcoming moves, and the story.
·  Mock-ups for portrait mode, day/twilight/night, online match, gamepad controls.
·  Simple PvP setup menu.
·  Concept sprites for up to 12 future ponies and up to 4 ultra forms.
·  Polished battle scene to target render. This is the big vertical slice to show everyone.

Stretch Goals: 
·  Gamepad support and shared-screen multiplayer.
·  New BGP Title Logo

·  Mid October - Pre-Alpha V5: 

·  New BGP Title Logo
·  Portrait screen orientation support.
·  Gamepad support and shared-screen multiplayer.
·  Extra move choices for each pony.
·  All maladies functioning.
·  Pony stat customization.
·  Detailed PvP setup menu.
·  Most items functioning. (Including battle items)
·  Pony ability, augment, stat, and move customization.
·  Basic overworld, wild pony capturing, and weather effects. 
·  Basic leveling system. (Learn moves and raise stats as level rises)
·  A very large selection of moves and custom parity fields (level caps) in PvP.

·  Beyond: 

The future is very unpredictable. Anything good or bad could happen by October.

·  The game should continue with new demos at least every 3 months.

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