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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #198 (Thoughts in Order)

     Nothing impressive to see here, kinda just another week of getting my ideas straight. Converting messy notes into legible text, then giving that text some context to make sense with the rest of the vision.

     I'm working on the design doc some more, basically. Combing through each and every detail of the game again to make sure nothing is boring, too derivative, tedious, or pointless. I want to charm the pants off of folks the whole way through. And I absolutely want to make sure to vaporize any accusations of this being an uninspired Pokemon clone.

Still got this pile of notes to go through.
Random ideas just keep coming to me throughout the day, so I quickly jot them down.
Either on the nearest piece of paper or my phone.

A Magfest forum was formed for the indies and staff to keep in touch.
In the introductory Thread everyone posts a blurb about their team & game.
It was a great way to see what's up and find a few familiar faces.
Here's mine.

  • Magfest Detailed Shopping List
  • Magfest Flight/Hotel Reservations
  • Looked Up Other Magfest Indies
  • Transferring Design Document Notes
  • Learned Lots of Neat User Interface Tricks at Work
  • New Tools for Note Taking
  • Better Organized Note-Making Process
  • Pitched the Game to Coworkers for Feedback on the Design and Business Plan
  • Put More Thought Into What Running Yotes Games as a 5-10 Employee Studio Would Be Like
  • Optimized Work Schedule Figured Out (for squeezing 2-3 hours of gamedev out each night and still have time to cook/work out/and occasionally see friends)
  • New Car, Phone, Home All Lined Up and Ready to Begin Life Anew December 10th!
     Lessons Learned:
  • For an indie nobody's heard of, I'm doing pretty well. Better than I thought at least. 700+ Twitter Followers and hundreds of thousands of app downloads ain't a bad start from the outside looking in.
  • BGP has all the potential in the world and each day I believe in it's new vision more and more. Cleaning up the document is already helping a lot.

     Really looking forward to what's to come. To be this pumped up about the project this many years later, and somehow feeling more confident about how it'll turn out has to be a sign of love. This project means everything to me and I have to see it through. 

     It's exciting to see this new chapter coming over the horizon, and I'm eager to get my name out there and show the world what's in my head!

Hmm... I should really get that video finished soon, huh? Kinda just got the narration files sitting around with a bunch of unsynced footage to chop together over it. Might as well try to sync its posting with moving day at this point.

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