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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #199 (Almost There...)

     Getting closer to the big move and settling into a real groove of development. Getting eager to implement all my new ideas for the project. Getting real sick of running out of time in the day.

     Let's get this show on the road. Check out the latest (very brief) dev log for Battle Gem Ponies!

  • More Notes Transferred to Design Doc
  • Learned More Agile Development Techniques from Work
  • Tons of Time-Consuming Apartment Setup Stuff
     Lessons Learned:
  • There's certainly a trick to making the most out of every hour in the day.
  • The SCRUM techniques I'm learning at work can really come in handy when making this game. It'd definitely help me manage a team better too.
       Super excited to finally gain a couple daylight hours and stress-free weekends starting next week. 

     One weekly devblog left to go... Gonna try to make it a big & juicy one. After this, it'll be monthly major update posts and weekly (or bi-weekly) videos to keep the hype train going while I get started on basically remaking Battle Gem Ponies using everything I've learned. 

     Tonight, I'm watching The Game Awards and daring to dream about eventually being invited to one. Really looking forward to making a lot of noise for Yotes Games in 2019.

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