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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Battle Gem Ponies (July DevLog): Aha! Now I see...

     Still chipping away at this project one day at a time. Real life hurdles still slowing me down and demotivating me, but even just looking at the roster of pony sprites on my phone throughout the day inspires me to keep pushing forward to make this thing real. Another devlog went up and I want the world to know about it.

Otherwise come get a brief summary of the game's progress below.

State of the Game

   Input is recognized, behaviors can be assigned, but there's no game loop yet. Need to figure out the foundational logic for the fundamental features like movement, menu management, variable manipulation, and animation. 


   Gotta fess up to daily bouts of depression sinking me to a snails pace. Whether at home, at work, exercising, or even with friends. Something's constantly weighing me down and the only time they're not is when I'm doing some basic bodily function like eating or sleeping and my brain can shut off for a bit. 

   But I'm tellin ya, peeling myself out of my seat after dinner is a Herculean feat these days because after each and every exhausting day the last thing I wanna do is work even MORE, but of course I have to because my dreams and entire reason for still being alive are riding on this thing becoming a critically acclaimed commercial success. And that only happens if its finished.

     Here we are in August and all that's playable is a character walking around? That's the most depressing part of all... I need to keep moving forward. But much faster.  

Task List

     Still on the basics, but taking a mental break to fix up some character designs I've been wanting to update for a while.

      Update Character Sprites
      • Extra LONG Ultra Thestra
      • Round Out Ultra Primcess Hair
      • Brighten Ultra Frufang's wings, give extra long colorful tongue.
      • Polish Ultra Posmask
      • Mafia Mobster Paragon Troops
      • Donovan
      • Add to Pony Parts Library
      • Recolor Tinted Sprites

      FSMs for Grid-Based Movement

      • Running & Walking Toggle
      • Swap Out Niko Sprite for Any Other
      • Collide with Walls & Triggers
      • Follower AI
      • Touch Screen D-Pad Input
      • Controller Input
      • NPC Movement AI

           I'm experimenting a bit to try to get into a bi-monthly groove with updates. Something substantial for Patrons closely following the project, and something for Yotes Games Blog to draw in the general public. Until the vertical slice is done and YouTube gets going there won't be any other way to stay on the radar.

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