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Sunday, September 15, 2019

Battle Gem Ponies (August DevLog): Variables & Messes!

     Long story short, the 600+ variables required to make Battle Gem Ponies work have been put into a new usable form that'll make what's coming next possible. With all the ingredients finally here it's time to whip up a fresh and playable version of the game!

Otherwise come get a glimpse of the game's upcoming development tasks below.

Task List

     Need to get a basic game loop going, one feature at a time.



  1. Action Select -> Move Select -> Turn Sequence -> Repeat
  2. Inventory and Stats Menu
  3. Quick CSV Reading
  4. Playmaker-Based Instead of Lost in Code

  • Walk into grass trigger tile to initiate random battle.
  • Manage party members in pause menu.
  • Overworld partner should reflect party leader.

           I spent most of the last month down with the flu which slowed things down greatly, followed soon by some technical derpages that set me back a weekend, but I'm still pushing forward. Nothing's gonna stop me from making this game, it's just a matter of how quickly I can get it out there.

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