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Saturday, April 10, 2021

A Major Change of Plans

After some heartbreak, debate, accounting, re-planning, and interviewing new potential team members, we have officially decided to delay Battle Gem Ponies one more time

Stretching our personal budgets to the absolute limit and holding off until September while we build up the game in a more reasonable timeframe. We wanted a public demo out weeks ago and finally got to a state where we have all the features we want in, but we haven't had time to clean up the bugs and make sure it can make a good first impression. 

We can't re-announce the game after a 3-4 year silence and have new players immediately run into game-breaking issues. After everything we've been through to get here, we're not gonna let things play out like that. We're here to blow minds.

We hope you can stay with us long enough to see this through. Some really exciting stuff is on the way for you guys.

Get some new deadlines/goals for the project below the break.

Major milestones for your eyes only:

Combat Demo: May 4th

We're releasing the thing we wish was out by now. Our current playable battle system that's 50% complete.

Improved Combat Demo: June 2nd

Completely functional battle system, just in need of some prettier graphics and power balancing. Easy-peasy stuff we can add later.

Pinto Island Patreon Preview: July 14th

An explorable overworld zone for people to wander around on and test out the progression mechanics. Get a feel for how the real game is gonna feel, with all the unique features on full display. A Patreon exclusive early access demo as a thanks for making this all possible (and also a lowkey playtest to polish things up before the Crowdfunding Campaign).

Kickstarter: August 3rd

A humongous explosion and celebration kicking off the REAL meat of development on this game. The aim is to gather the budget to expand the team, get artwork done by professional pixel animators, and ensure we can keep a roof over our heads until the game releases. 

Projected Release Date: February 2022

We'll spend the next 6 months building out the final game using all the pieces we made up to the Kickstarter and all the detailed plans we've made long before then. We'll be trying our best to meet this deadline, worst-case scenario it's pushed to next May due to unforeseen circumstances. But with the hardest parts behind us by the time we get the money and hit the gas, we really don't see any more delays happening.

Let's hope we can live up to all that. Wish us luck!

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