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Saturday, April 17, 2021

April Progress Report (Growth & Prep)


This past week we've welcomed a new member to the scrappy Yotes Games team! 

ConfidentCow will be helping us with graphic design work to take some things off the overwhelming plate that is making this game look nicer.

He's an old friend who's been at this professionally for a few years now, ready to take on something new and exciting in his spare time. A pandemic side-hustle!

@Confident_Cow's gonna help us make trailers, YouTube content, promotional artwork, capture game footage, make a press-friendly website, redesign interfaces, plan out interfaces we haven't made yet, and polish up the attack graphics starting in May once he's all set to pursue his streaming & game development dreams. So give him some love and wish him luck!

Check out more of what we've been up to lately after the break.

We've had multiple meetings & interviews to get acquainted with the project and he's catching on fast. Hopefully adding his help can speed up production by giving us more time to focus on the game's design/writing/balance/maps/implementation rather than splitting all that with a constant stream of video content and unique Gifs.

He's already helped by making layout mockups of what our menus could look like when we get around to polishing those. Take a look.



Version 1

Version 2

Version 3

Trying new stuff out and seeing what sticks is valuable for UI design, but it's also time consuming, so it's good to have a specialist on the case.

It's a work-in-progress, we've got feedback notes, but stuff like this can now be fussed over by somebody dedicated to getting it perfect, freeing the other devs up to focus on their specialties. We're excited to see how this turns out!

This whole thing reminded me of what it's been like watching the Battle HUD evolve over the years and how we wouldn't have such incredible looking T-Shirts if we didn't mix things up from time-to-time or take suggestions from fans like SkieS to maintain a diamond motif.

Just look at the difference: 





This is gonna be a good change of flow.

The Combat Demo is still on its way this May. The first impression is everything. We've delayed and delayed so many times already, so we're not gonna rush out something broken now, or it all meant nothing. This demo is going to be awesome...

And we greatly look forward to you playing it.

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