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Friday, June 7, 2024

Progress Report: Final Crunchdown [Part 5/5]

The 5 month crunch rush is over, aaaannnd... the game's still not done. We were thrown too many curveballs during the home stretch and failed to meet our goal of a May 23rd launch, and it's time to get things back in order before wrapping up development.

In short, we're 1 more meetup away from having a Beta build ready. But that meetup won't be until June 15th because the entire team has personal life stuff to deal with.

And even after a Beta is out there in backer's hands, the bugs and gameplay flaws found in it need to be addressed. So at least another 10 days of work there, plus a marketing campaign for the countdown to launch day so people actually know it's finally coming out.

We're basically a month behind schedule. (A sentence I'm extremely sick of saying...)

Details about what's going on with development are on the BGP Patreon!

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