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Monday, July 8, 2024

Battle Gem Ponies Beta 1 Has Arrived! 🚅🚉

The Battle Gem Ponies Beta is here!! 🤩🎆

And you can play it on right now! (Password for access is on the locked Patreon post if you're a $10+ donor and wanna claim your key.)

Or just take a gander at the update highlights below.

Battle Gem Ponies Beta Test 1/3 is now underway!

Being in Beta means the game is in it's final weeks of development. It can be played from start to finish, (most of) the placeholder graphics have been replaced by the real deal, and all focus is now on getting the details polished juuust right, and making sure nobody easily encounters a game-crashing or immersion-breaking bug.

We plan on finally launching this month but won't go around promising release dates again 'til the file is uploaded, approved, and awaiting us to hit the launch button. 

New bug fix updates are coming each Sunday, counting down towards release day. All Kickstarter & Patreon backers within the $10+ Tiers get access to these early playtests and can leave feedback and any flawed findings on our community Discord. 🗒️

Beta 1 comes with several improvements over the Alpha like:

  • Polished background and attack visuals.
  • Secret postgame location.
  • 5 more fully animated unlockable ponies for VS Mode.
  • A pony capturing questgiver & reward system.
  • A hidden chroma shard pickup system (inspired by the Heart Pieces of Zelda).
  • New music tracks, including ones for Low HP and finishing off an Alpha Pony.
  • Rebalanced move pools.
  • Several new VS Mode Arenas.
  • A revamped Shop interface.
  • Visual polish for overworld locations.
  • An official title for the Prologue: "Arrival Story" (a separate file select menu accessible from the title screen).

The new features are done and it's finally time to just polish the heck out of what we have now. 3 weeks of bug fixing followed by prepping for launch day. The YotesMark team is more excited than ever to finally begin the final march towards release!

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