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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #55 (Hopeful)

     Begin Part 2 of Senior Year. Once this college thing is over there will be new headaches and freedoms to take on. The next 5 months of development are planned out and I'l be chipping away at them all I can. My head is swarming with story ideas and the scope of that story rests on how much of the actual game manages to get implemented.

See what I've done for Battle Gem Ponies so far below.

Everyone's using Disqus now and I want to keep the comments comfortable here.
Gotta admit, the options are much nicer.
  • Organized Music Drafts
  • Researched FillyCon (Possible Easy Event to Reach)
  • Changed Site Comment System to DISQUS
  • Organized Bug List by Priority
  • Began Final Semester of School
     Lessons Learned:
  • Saw a cool example of a job ad from Mane6
  • I learned about deadlines for Voting in the Primaries
  • Giving up on an LLC license before BGP's launch turned out to be a relief. Now I have at least a little money to enjoy my last semester of college with. I can afford to go out with friends this year and make some memories.
  • Ambient Prologue was Greenlit on Steam, meaning I have a high chance of getting on there myself once I hit alpha. I can expect to at the very least match this game's sales, so I'll be keeping an eye on it and see how the Steam community responds.

       The soundtrack is coming along nicely and really breathing life into the project. There's a nice mix of chiptune and orchestral the team is experimenting with and Justin & Eric are working really hard to make them catchy and memorable. Music makes up the emotional backbone of the game and is what I think triggers nostalgia the most so it needs to be perfect for this first game. I want people to jam out to this soundtrack the way I jam out to Undertale's.


    I am ready to feel that launch week hype again. I just know I can get into the top 10 again with this and stay there this time. Also, big thanks again to the mysterious Craig who's been donating to me via PayPal. School is a financial mess this year and that monthly $10 has come in handy for the food/equipment/surprise fees that pop up. Thanks to that and December customers, I made about $60 in the last month. That's double of what I've settled into after Unicorn Training sales plateaued.


     The latest BGP trailer got over 1,400 views already. Much nicer growth than the previous ones. It was great practice, and now I have a better idea of what people want to see for the beta, official, and launch trailers. Gotta keep these things closer to 1 minute long though.


     I would like to have a new build out every month in order to stay in people's minds and keep that web traffic coming. Every time a new build comes out I get a couple thousand people to show up. I'm thinking if I can make that a regular thing, those thousands will be there for launch week and start sharing with their friends. Once I hit alpha, I'll start a Steam Greenlight campaign to get things moving press-wise. After that, lots of testing and improvements until the game is super-polished.

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