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Friday, March 25, 2016

Download Battle Gem Ponies -- [ Pre-Alpha V4!!!! ] --

     The latest Battle Gem Ponies demo is available to download just in time for Easter weekend! This demo introduces party management, bug fixes, battle polish, sweet music tracks, a pony follower, and some new artwork! Explore the town, cave, and island areas or battle against random computer opponents right from the main menu!

It's a simple RPG with a ton of features on the way. I aim to release the next demo in April.

     Most of the work this time around was behind the scenes stuff that won't be revealed for a while, but design-wise, the game is more thought out now and on a much more reasonable development schedule. The next demo will be the post-BYOC build and is set to have working multiplayer, tons of polish, and pony customization.

You can find details about the upcoming combat system and new release date on the dev blog.

This demo contains some placeholder assets from Pokemon as well as fan sprites by Wesley FG (

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