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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #71 (Final Finals Week, Finally)

     Just one more week of hell exams and I'm out of here! A free man at last, ready to take on the world and prove a lot of people wrong. Crazy forces are at work, keeping me away from Unity and working on the game at all. Things like car tags, crashing laptops, and exam cramming won't be enough to stop me completely though.

Here, have some Twitter Stats
Most exciting news of the week!

BGP gets a spotlight.
     Lessons Learned:
  • Never let your Macbook sleep and deplete its battery. Left mine that way while I went out to party for one last weekend and THIS happened. Spent 6 whole hours trying to fix it.
  • Voted in my first election last Tuesday. Sad my side didn't win, but I'm too determined to give up hope for a better future. I'll keep doing my best to steer politics towards what I think is right.
  • Super determined to get this done. I am going to blast through development over the summer. So many peeps are counting on me.
  • I should make Yandere Simulator style video updates for my bigger future games. Just monthly explanations of features or progress demonstrations starting once the game hits Alpha. Looks like a good way to gather an audience and put my name out there. It'll just be a little expensive to outsource editing, thumbnail commissions, and taking time off development to capture footage, write scripts, and read them. Maybe I'll have a Patreon just for getting videos done with small free game jam releases as a biannual bonus.
       My Macbook randomly crashing Monday then refusing to boot back up afterwards had me hecka scared for a whole day. Even now I'm worried about it happening again somehow. The thought of losing my last and most expensive laptop is insanely stressful.


It's pretty neat to think about how there's probably 50 thousand people out there who know what Clover looks like.
   The Unicorn Training Demo download rate has slowed tremendously on most platforms. I remember always seeing at least double digit increases week-to-week. Looks like it peaked around 40K installs and that's the audience I need to convert into BGP customers.


Got this little note in the mail and felt pretty darn good about myself.
They weren't kidding, people really did enjoy my panel!
     I wanted to wait until I had some more things to announce alongside it, but Battle gem Ponies made the cut! There will be another BronyCon panel with TONS more content to showcase! The confirmation was emailed April 25th but I wanted to have a decent sized press release for this thing so it could be the kind of big news people would want to share.

I've also been accepted as a panelist for the 1st ever FillyCon in August!

 Not expecting to get far with the game this week. Next week, maybe a lot more. My eyes are settled on something else for now. Let's get this school thing over with once and for all...

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