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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #72 (Macbook Problems)

     As I wait for my graduation ceremony, the move to Florida, and the piece of paper proving I survived the whole school thing, I wanted to get a solid week of work done. That did not happen. Instead, I spent about 2 weeks trying to fix my crashed Macbook that started failing after running out of power while in sleep mode.

  • Fixed Crashed Mac Again (Please Stay Fixed...)
  • Inspired to Keep Moving by the Pokemon  Sun & Moon News
     Lessons Learned:
  • Even if your computer is new and seems reliable, it will break on you at the worst time. Backup every week. Buy the extended warranties. Keep 2 laptops at once if you can.
  • Macbooks are definitely NOT worth double the cost of other computers.
       My Macbook warranty expires on Friday, the nearest Apple Store is 2 hours away, and I have $3 left in my bank account after buying groceries for the week. Exchanging my Macbook or getting it fixed by professionals would be pretty hard. Even though the nearby Best Buy could do it, I don't have the money for that service. I'm banking on things being fine now. I'm typing this just after getting my computer to start up for the first time in weeks.

     If it crashes once again tomorrow, I'll have to start begging friends for money and consider traveling to an Apple Store Mall. Or buy a new Mac-Compatible External Drive, get to this point again, and transfer everything to it before going to an Apple Store and paying whatever they demand for a new Macbook internal drive.

 Consider this week eaten. Another one down the drain. So much time wasted... I really gotta get a military style regiment going all summer if I want this game out in time.

UPDATE: My Macbook is finally fixed! There was just a faulty hard drive cable and none of my data was corrupted after all! Got it fixed for free at an electronics shop thanks to my Apple Warranty still being effective on the day of expiry. I can finally get back to work!

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