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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #93 (Keep On It)

     It's mid-October now. Lots of distractions and waves of depression this week. But also some moments of fun. To fight for more of the fun stuff, I need to keep going and make this game incredible! Battle Gem Ponies! Let's Go!

FillyCon care package arrival. Got my Spirit Badge.
So I can always remember not getting to go.

Looks like Unity shrinks the music files itself. One less thing to worry about.
  • Updated Class Matchup Chart
  • Received FillyCon Packet (sorry I couldn't go!)
  • Phone Fell in Water
  • Found Footage of Graduating with Friends (I'm the 9th one from this point)
     Lessons Learned:
  • Brony meetup groups are everywhere. I just joined the central Florida one that has biweekly game nights at UCF. This could lead to some cool networking opportunities.
  • Lot's of personal life issues demotivate me, but I find a way to push through. Things can't get better until this game is complete. It's about finding the strength to carry on even after hitting emotional bedrock.
  • Taking a break from working really does energize me. Saturdays off is a great idea. I was a foolish workaholic.
  • Looked at FNAF Sister Location. Now THAT'S how you do a sequel! Notes taken.

       In an attempt to make elemental advantages and disadvantages make sense (inspired by coming across this video) I edited the class matchup chart. I added some changes to the Steel class that make more logical sense while also addressing balance issues. Steel ponies are now weak to Surge and Aqua, while Steel moves are super effective on Magic ponies. Also, Aqua and Surge are super effective on each other now.

     The reasons behind all this:
  • Steel would rust in water.
  • The reason water conducts electricity is because of the minerals floating in it. Meanwhile, electrical cords are just straight up using metals to conduct electric currents.  
  • In myths Steel is used to defeat most magic creatures in some way.
  • Pouring water on electrical things never works out in the electrical appliance's favor. Especially light bulbs and phones.
       In the end this further differentiates the game and opens up now combat possibilities that are unavailable in the Pokemon games. BGP's class system will have a meta of its own.


     I have a good feeling about Battle Gem Ponies exceeding my 25K expectations, but it all means nothing if I can't finish the darn thing on time. Gotta get to it!


     Bronies are still itching for some Nintendo-like pony games and I just happen to have 2 series like that on my bucket list. Battle Gem Ponies and Adventures in Equica scratch that Nintendo itch by giving me an outlet for my love of Zelda and Pokemon. All while fusing it with an aesthetic that appeals to a niche market that can help me stand out in the sea of indie games that were also inspired by Nintendo classics. Check out EQD's article about the topic here.

     The loss of my phone hopefully won't be too much of a setback. Going to try to send it in for repairs today since it's insured. I'm hoping just the battery shorted out.

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