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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #95 (Birthday Week)

     A new fire is lit under my butt as I realize the value of getting another demo out before Pokemon Sun & Moon launch. Let's Players will be eager for new Pokemon gameplay but have nothing to do in the couple weeks leading up to the 18th. Gotta put BGP in the hands of some bronies before then and maybe try to reach a few of the small-fry Pokemon channels to sort of get my foot in the door.

Check out this week's progress below.
Apparently a camera caught me showing new friends BGP.
I seriously didn't see anyone take this picture. Just showed up on Facebook.
  • New Move Sprites & Animation Plans
  • Animated Rainbryte, Joyance, and Furum
     Lessons Learned:
  • Social Life balance seems to be an even better cure for burnout than lazy days. Sucks that I have to drive so much to see anybody. I'll be moving to Winter Park in a year though... A 2017 birthday present to myself!
       I spent all of last weekend meeting up with online buddies and making friends with strangers at bars, house parties, and raves. Did wonders for morale because I was feeling burnt out bigtime. The consequence though, is losing a day of progress. So it's a give & take balance. Get a happy work/fun balance going, and I'll be able to make the game without feeling like utter death. Just need to put a cap on fun time so the game actually gets finished on time.


     80K on Google Play. Pretty nice. And BGP is now as popular as the original Fish Feaster!

The BGP Let's Play playlist is 31 entries strong!
     I love seeing new Let's Plays pop up each week. People out there are picking up my game and enjoying it! Warm game dev fuzzies, you know? It's like my vision means something to people that aren't me. Makes it feel worthwhile.

I can see the platform exclusive box art logo already:
"Only on the Switch, Bitch"
     So unrelated to anything I'm doing, the Switch is a thing. I probably can't get one at launch since BGP still won't be out in March, but man... If that's not the very first thing I buy. Zelda for 60 hours straight, baby!

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