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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Battle Gem Ponies DevLog #114 (Plugging Away)

     Progress for this week has mostly just been behind the scenes stuff. Editing entires in spreadsheets, fixing bugs, altering animations, positioning sprites, making textbox options more dynamic, and stuff like that. This upcoming week is where I'll be putting in notable features like pony riding, new moves, and nicknaming.

Rocks to Smash, Rocks to Push, Trees to Cut
Just coding, coding, coding this week.
And making minor tweaks to some animation timing to make them more uniform.
  • Edited Spreadsheet Data
  • New Efficient Way of Positioning Battle Sprites/Shadows/Emitters/Trackers/Etc.
  • NPCs Can Give Player Items
  • Sprites for Travel Moves (Smash Rocks, Push Rocks, Cut Trees)
  • Certain Ponies Can Have Their Sprite Levitate (float up & down when idle)
  • Ultra Transformation Items (new sprites too)
  • Fixed Spreadsheet Related Bugs
  • Swapped Positions of Plant & Surge on Class Matchup Chart
  • Text & Data for all 360 Moves In-Game
  • Studied Some Unity C# Code Tricks (learned some useful programming functions)
       Nothing too interesting going on this week. Just scurrying to get a worthwhile update out before the 30th. 10 days worth of work to do and less than 10 days to do it all. Bugs keep eating up entire nights of progress. Time for crunching. Gotta catch up!


Amazon & iOS are neck-and-neck for Unicorn Training sales.
Should breach 120K downloads for the demo next week.


     In order to meet this upcoming deadline I may have to save some key features for the final game. Considering how long it took animating the other ponies, adding Ultra Vinerva might be too time consuming. I'd rather have the battle system finally be fully functional than have one more cool looking pony in-game.

     Or maybe I should delay the game by a month and release a truly fully functional tech demo by the end of April. Gonna stay on target and see how close I can get by next Tuesday. For now, Ultra Forms, the Ponipedia, and move animations will be the last features I get around to implementing.

     I really just want the time consuming things I dread coding out of the way as soon as possible so they aren't looming over me anymore. The sooner that's done, the sooner I can get to the fun stuff.

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